Setting. Softly.

(Limited edition) Only 5 will be made.
Material: Forex
60×40 cm
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Original capitation:
Rising super early in order to catch first light, is something every photographer has to do. It gives a totally serene and calming feeling to be on your own with only the elements.
Here I was in the Dutch dunes at 04:30 in the summer!

-Forex brings out the soft tones of the grass and the sky in Setting. Softly.  That is why I chose this material to print it on. It is also weather resistant and can be hung outside.
-Mail me for other sizes, prices, and materials of Setting. Softly.! (
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-Shipping Will be sent out in 5 days. You will be contacted about the shipment methods and costs, they are for the buyer.
-Add which frame you want in the order notes during checkout, otherwise, you will get no frame:

0) None
Black-matte (Suggested by me)
2) White-matte
3) Wood-light
4) Wood-dark





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