Blood. Bath.

(Limited edition) Only 5 will be made.
Material: Forex
60×40 cm
Add in note during checkout.
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Original capitation Augustus 2016:
2 things for you I am proud of today. 1-Officially Bachelor of Medicine, and 2- this picture.😎 I always will be in love with sunsets. I had to get away from them to be able to make any kind of progress in my creativity (see my first 50 posts and where we are now) ⌚ You can only just start to get going with composition when a subject itself is not looking awesome in any possible angle because of its great natural beauty.. .🌈 But every now and then I just want to get back to what it was that moved me into taking pictures some 10 years ago. The minutes every day when the lights go out.. Maybe it is easy photography. It will just always be there to amaze me.. 😮💥 hope you like it.

-Forex brings out the high contrast colors of the water and the sky in Blood. Bath.  That is why I chose this material to print it on. It is also weather resistant and can be hung outside.
-Mail me for other sizes, prices, and materials of Blooth. Bath.! (
-My logo will be downsized a bit from what you see in the down right corner.
-Shipping Will be sent out in 5 days. You will be contacted about the shipment methods and costs, they are for the buyer.
-Add which frame you want in the order notes during checkout, otherwise, you will get no frame:

0) None
Black-matte (Suggested by me)
2) White-matte
3) Wood-light
4) Wood-dark





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