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So, That’s me.

My name is Thijs, I am a 23-year-old bachelor of medicine and professional photographer that does some model scouting on the side. I created my Instagram account three years ago,  simply because photography provided me with the positive and creative energy I needed, during the first years of my journey in becoming a doctor.
light, when scattered and absorbed by the many objects on our planet, does paint the most breathtaking scenes and for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by every aspect of this. The main reason I decided to buy my first camera three years ago is clear, pure obsession with light. Ever since that moment, I have been working on creating new content and different views on specific subjects, including the various things I encountered the past couple of years. Wherever I go, my camera follows being strapped to my bag.

Utilizing my knowledge of the human psychology I learned about during my bachelor of medicine, I feel like I can just make a difference in this over-saturated game called photography.  I genuinely enjoy using my curiosity to learn more about the location, lighting and to be photographed subject. By doing so getting closer to the core of the subject. This often results in exposing what lies beyond the surface of an individual. Consequently, the feeling that there even was a guy with a camera on location is lost. This magical moment of pure interaction between the different elements on location is what I think, the most essential to capturing reality and make art. Creating truly great photos has nothing to do with gear. It is all about the interaction between subject and photographer.

I think you probably know this already… For me, photography is a pure passion,  I invite you to join me in kicking that up yet another notch.

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